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Summarised Benefits

Electromedia Air Cleaning Units

Models 35F, 50C and 100C

  • Designed to solve a range of indoor air quality problems including irritation from cigarette smoke, bacterial/viral infection, body and urea odours and toxic vapour removal.

  • Of significant benefit to asthmatics and sufferers of hay fever or most other respiratory problems.

  • Extremely effective at removing allergens, house dust, mites, odours etc. with the result that a room can always be fresh.

  • The need for re-decorating smoking areas/bedrooms is reduced thus enabling definite financial savings to be made.

  • Very cheap to run consuming the same amount of power as a 60/100 watt bulb.

  • Provide savings on heating bills as air is continuously recirculated.

  • High airflow and higher efficiency means that one Electromedia air cleaner can do the work of two “old fashioned” air cleaners.

  • Air flow design maximises air distribution to all corners of the serviced area.

  • Direction of output airflow can be adjusted by four way diffusers to control airflow and set up air patterns.

  • Low non-intrusive maintenance frequency; normally two visits per year but tailored to suit your environment.

  • Highest effectiveness factor of any type of electric air cleaner available. Confirmed by the largest standards authority in the United States/World for such equipment.

  • No cleaning operations required by you.

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