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Electromedia Model 35F(A) – Inhalant Allergen Removal
Class 1 Non-invasive Medical Device (CE marked/patented)

A Representative Sample of Reports on Electromedia Covering:-

  Report Reference* Professional Teams
1. FRR 5, 6, 7, 8
Tobacco Smoke Removal 
American Filtrona Corporation, Virginia, USA

Indoor Environment Air Quality Particulate and Contaminant Model (tobacco smoke removal)

Rasan A. Jaisinghani, Neville J. Bugli
2. CR2
Tobacco Smoke Removal
Scottish Power, Hamilton, Scotland, UK

Product Endorsement following a 15 month Sequence of Tests on Equipment Performance and Noise levels of Electromedia.

Gordon Gilmour – Product Development
3. HR10
Contaminant/Odour Removal (Respiratory)
Pinellas County Jail, Florida, USA

Product Endorsement on the relief from suffering experienced from airborne fungi and bacteria 

W. Curtis White, Aegis Environmental Management Inc.
4. HR5
Removal (Respiratory)
Effectiveness of an Air Purification System 
(dust mite/allergen) 
Department of Respiratory Medicine and Immunology, Western Infirmary, Glasgow.

Professor Neil C. Thomson, Dr. Charlie McSharry, Ms. Kirsten McLeod
5. HR6
Removal (Respiratory)
Assessment of the Electromedia Model 35F(A) (dust mite/allergen).
Department of Immunology, Western Infirmary, Glasgow.

Dr. Charlie McSharry, Ms. Kirsten McLeod
6. HR2
Fumes/Gaseous Matter Removal
Tests on Airborne Formaldehyde Removal
Strathclyde Chemical Co. Ltd., Johnstone, Scotland.

Ian. R. Fleming
7. HR1
Bacteria/virus Collection
Morton Plant Hospital, Florida, USA
Adler Institute of Laboratory Medicine
Microbiology Department
Evaluation of Bacteria Collection Efficiency.

Thomas T. Watson, Donna Nelson Lynch
8. HR4
Bacteria/virus Collection
University of Wisconsin – Madison Medical School, Wisconsin, USA

Medical School, Respiratory Virus Research Laboratory.
Evaluation of the Ability of Electromedia to Filter Out and Destroy Bacteria and Viruses.

Professor Eliot C. Dick, Dr. Anwar Nakkoul
9. HR11
Contaminant/Odour Removal (Respiratory)
Glasgow Caledonian University

The Use of an Air Filtration system in Podiatry Clinics

Mr. J. Gordon Burrow, Dr. Nichola A. McLarnon, Dr. William MacLaren, Dr. Kofi Aidoo, Dr. Mike Hepher
10. HR12
Contaminant/Odour Removal (Respiratory)
Clean Air Healthcare Ltd.

Efficacy Tests for the Removal of Airborne Gaseous Matter in an X-ray Developer Room using Electromedia Model 35F(A) Electric Air Purification Unit.

Ms. Susie Reid, Health & Safety Manager, Soth Glasgow University Hospitals NHS* Trust
Mr. Eddie McLaughan, Assistant Director, Property and Environment Forum Executive, Glasgow NHS*
Dr. Ian Dale, Glasgow Occupational Health (NHS*)
11. HR13
Bacteria/virus Collection (Airborne)
Glasgow Caledonian University

The Use of an Air Filtration System in a Hospital Ward With Specific Reference to its Effect on Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Mr. J. Gordon Burrow, Dr. Nichola A. McLarnon, Dr. William MacLaren, Dr. Kofi Aidoo, Dr. Mike Hepher
12. HR14
Contaminant/Odour Removal (Respiratory)
Report on the Trial of Electromedia Air Filter in Gorbals Health Centre, Glasgow

Dr. Ian Dale, Glasgow Occupational Health (NHS*)
13. HR15
Contaminant/Odour Removal (Respiratory)
Control of Airborne Inhalable Dust Concentration During Embalming

Dr.C.P. McSharry, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, M.A. Mulligan, Dignity Caring Funeral Services Ltd.,
Dr. Ian Dale, Glasgow Occupational Health (NHS*)
14. CR11
Electromedia Performance
(Product Overview)
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers) USA
Comparative study of electric air cleaners presented to a symposium on Indoor Air Quality.
Electromedia found to be the most effective.

 * NHS – National Health Service

In addition to the above the evidence base of control measures for house dust mite and other allergens in asthma derived from literature review and meta-analysis.

HR - Healthcare Equipment Report
CR - Commercial Equipment Report
FRR - Fundamental Research Report

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