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Electromedia Air Cleaning Units

Models 35F, 50C and 100C

1.  Introduction

         The 50C and 100C Electromedia units are designed to be ceiling mounted  The 100C machine cleans and re-circulates 1000 cubic feet of air per minute and the 50C| half that.   The castor mounted 35F is designed to be mobile and can easily be moved from room to room. It cleans and recirculates 350 cubic feet of air per minute.

         Three stages of filtration are used to remove solids, gasses and odours.  Tobacco smoke, stale beer and mustiness are all effectively dealt with.  That “morning after” smell in the bar area is gone!   Redecorating bills are also reduced.

         Bar staff are provided with a clean air zone to work in, reducing the risk of colds and flu.   Fewer days off work and a healthier staff!

         The air-cleaning unit can be switched on by time clock set to provide a period before and after normal bar times.

         The unit is supplied with a speed controller and can be set for 2 speed operation. Low speed for quiet conditions and full power when bar air is being contaminated.

2.  Installation

The preferred installer is WMQ Technology Ltd., Wishaw, Glasgow (WMQ).  However should the renting company have their own installation technicians, then it is possible to offer training and guidance during the installation of the first machine.   The cost of installation by WMQ may be included in the equipment rental.

Installation time is approximately two hours and requires two men.

The machine arrives in a cardboard box complete with an installation manual and is easily transportable to the site.   The motor and fan assembly can be removed along with the carbon filters so the remaining aluminium box, which is light, can be placed in position and then the internal parts re-installed.  All external wiring must conform to the relevant IEE Regulations.

The unit is fitted with a 2-speed controller and an On/Off switch for isolation purposes.

3.  Filter Replacement/Maintenance

The filters are designed to be easily changed in situ, are safe to handle and require to be changed at approximately six monthly intervals.   However, in heavily contaminated situations it may be necessary to change the pre-filter more frequently.

Reports on our products, some of which were carried out in the Western (Dr. Charlie McSharry) and by Glasgow Occupational Health (Dr. Ian Dale) can be found here.  For test purposes we have installed a Model 50C in the Podiatry Department at the Southern General (particulate/gas removal) and a Model (100C at Stobhill (MRSA) (Ward 6) which you may wish to inspect.

Model 35F unit is 250/350 cfm (cubic feet per minute) depending on speed control setting (floor mounted)

Model 50C and 100C units are 500 cfm and 100 cfm (ceiling mounted)

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